My efforts to remove plastic from every part of my routine continue with the third item in my daily repertoire, shampoo.

The photo above reflects how I want my hair to appear on any given day—shiny, with lots of volume and body. After developing a habit of getting blow-outs for various events in Los Angeles at the Dry Bar on Sunset, I became quite fond of the scent of their Liquid Glass shampoo. It reminded me of fun times, my “happy place” and the person I became the instant I landed in California.

I liked it so much, I began buying it in Seattle and using it at home, making it a regular rotation in my hair products … until I ran it through my Yuka app and discovered it was made with high levels of BHTs (compounds which potentially disrupt our thyroid functions). Plus, it was only sold in plastic bottles, so I had to find an alternative.

Enter JVN “Undamaged” — a sulfate-free shampoo, which smells amazing, leaves my hair soft and light and has a 72/100 Yuka rating with no harmful ingredients AND it is packaged in (recyclable) aluminum, so there are no plastics seeping into the bottles as they are stored on the shelves.


Bonus: If you’re shopping LGBTQ shops for pride month, JVN was created by Queer Eye’s Jonathan van Ness. 🌈