The last place you’d think you have to worry about plastics is in your laundry, but unfortunately they’re rampant there as well. For years, I used the liquid version of Purex (choosing the most “nature” variety, free of dyes), but that arrived, of course, in a non-recycle-friendly plastic jug. I then switched to laundry sheets, thinking I had done myself and the world a big favor, only to find out that those “eco-friendly sheets” are FULL of microplastics.

So I did what I’ve been doing throughout these transitions and thought back to the basics: What did people in prior generations use to clean their clothing without polluting themselves and the world? The answer: They used laundry powder. A simple combination of non-harmful agents that still dissolved well in water and cleansed their clothes thoroughly.

So I tried several varieties with mixed results until I found the one that is reasonably affordable, has pleasant scents, cleans all types of fabrics beautifully (and gently), plus offers quick shipping on refills when need be.

That favorite is Meliora, who will get you going with a starter kit (reusable canister) and then send you refills that arrive in minimal paper bag packaging. You can subscribe or buy these items all as needed. Their powder is fresh (I prefer the lemon scent, but all are lovely), comes with a reusable metal scoop and uses a small amount for each load.

One more successful transition away from our toxic world.