My efforts to remove plastic from every part of my routine continue with the fourth item in my daily repertoire, storage bags.

I’m one of those people who cannot stand to have a refrigerator with any odor whatsoever. I have always been fanatic about tightly sealing leftover food and containers, for years using more Ziplock bags than I care to admit.

Of course, they are single-use plastics at their worst and contrary to my environmental values, so I had to find an alternative. Enter: Stasher.

I first heard about these on Chrissy Teigen’s website and ordered a set just to test them. They passed with flying colors, keeping everything from lemon wedges to cheese fresh for days without leaving any weird flavor behind on the food.

What I love is that they are easily washable on the top dishwasher rack and can be reused forever (I’ve had a few since pre-pandemic times and they’re still strong as ever). They also release new colors and patterns fairly often, so if you get bored using the clear version, many options are available.

They’re also great for stashing (pun intended) movie snacks and non-food items like hair ties when traveling.

A+ recommendation.