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2024 New Year Selfie

Each year, it’s my ritual to take a selfie on New Year’s Day, so when I look back over time, I’ll be able to tell from my demeanor/expression where my headspace was (and what kind of journey I was on at the time).

This is the photo I took for 2024. The word I chose to represent my year is “Breathe” because I certainly didn’t do enough of that in the past three years.

It’s definitely time to return to who I was pre-pandemic (saving all of the positive ways I’ve evolved since, of course), and not get so caught-up in the day-to-day that I miss out on being me.

What does that mean?

More travel (for fun), more time with friends, more live music, more writing that’s not work-related, more reading, more singing, more hiking, more self-care.

I’m also going to share bits and pieces from my world that I’m often asked about, whether it be in posts, Pinterest boards or on other socials—whatever makes sense for the context of the content.

I hope you’ll join me …

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  1. Betty Joeann McLaney

    I always love your post & your magnificent photos & all your selfies…you are young …you lead a very exciting life…you are fortunate you work for sweetest nicest most talented bosses Julian Lennon ..spectacular work …God bless & may all your dreams & desires come true this year👍♥️🥰

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